All of our miseries are nothing but attachment.

The title quote by Osho.

Today I found my sunglasses broken despite that I was trying to save them for the whole trip since I there were pretty good quality glasses. This situation teaches me a lot about attachment. The way I look at the things that are just temporary, objects that come and leave my life without wasting a single moment of their existance beeing attached.
Obviously I’m aware adn they are probably not but that is not the point. Wasting a lot of thinking about the object does not help me in any way but can teach me about letting go. I have so many things that are stimulating my attachment: clothes, phones, computers, vinyls, digital music, car, disc, coffee equipment, bikes, tools, plants…
Its not easy, not to get attached to so many of them, but the real freedom comes from breaking the bonds.

There are two nice quotes from Fight Club about minimalism and freedom:
“It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.”
“Things that you own – end up owning you”

Funny thing is that often times I’m having daydreams about losing everthing I own and becoming totally free to do anything that I want. Like there is a force – impossible to break that keeps me owning the things. This exact force is attachment. Because If I really think about it I don’t own any of the stuff and they do not own me in any way. I’m able to break the spell any moment, break the chains and get free. The best thing is that I do not even have to get rid of the stuff, just a change in my thinking should be enough. Nothing is mine, things are just things. I do not own my car, my land, any object is just an object. The only thing that I own are my thoughts. Just think about it how easy and effordless this all becomes if you stop attaching yourself to your things. The hardest thing to do it really belive this concept, especially whent you need to pay taxes or insurance for the car 😉 But honestly this social contract that we are living in has nothing to do if your are mindfully think about attachment. You can have many possessions and not be attached to them. I think the the more you have is the harder not to get attached. So beeing wealthy is a quite hard exercise with attachment.

Let’s now talk about attachment towards people – is there a healthy type of attachment?
Is love a good attachment? How can I break free from beeing attached to my family, friends and romantic partner?
In my opinion there is always a simple deal – the more attached your are the more secure you feel but you have less freedom and its easier to hurt you. You can love someone without attachment but how this feeling looks and feels – I don’t know. I think that somehow I miss having this love and attachment relationship but I hope I will be able to learn. I need to build inside my mind a concept of attachment-free love. I can say that I have this feeling towards some of my close friends but to be able to have romantic love in this way seems impossible for me at the moment.

One more type of attachment that I’m aware of is attachment to yourself – your ego – your thoughts. But this is a topic for the next post.

Free your mind, stop the suffering and misery – don’t attach yourself to things and people. You have to ability to break this cycle every moment of your life.

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