Because defeating procrastination is the same thing as gaining control over your own life.

Because defeating procrastination is the same thing as gaining control over your own life. So much of what makes people happy or unhappy—their level of fulfillment and satisfaction, their self-esteem, the regrets they carry with them, the amount of free time they have to dedicate to their relationships—is severely affected by procrastination. So it’s worthy of being taken dead seriously, and the time to start improving is now.

quote by Tim Urban from this post:

I have a few goals writing those posts here:
– Getting a journaling habit that helps me stay on track and reflect about life daily
– English practice
– Getting inspired
– Leaving trace of my spiritual journey

Like Tim Urban said: our procrastination is the reflection of our life – there is no need to beat yourself up if you already followed the Instant Gratification Monkey and went to the Dark Playground but every single moment is a choice, every single breath is an opportunity to stop, reflect and change what you are doing. The more you enter the Critical Entrance and the more you go through The Dark Woods the easier will be to get the Monkey convinced that this is the way to do that. Like Tim Urban wrote: “You need to prove to yourself that you can do it.”

I want to be lead by the Rational Decision Maker, not the Instant Gratification Monkey. I know that laying down the bricks is the hardes thing to do, but also the only thing that work: A remarkable, glorious achievement is just what a long series of unremarkable, unglorious tasks looks like from far away. Making it down the Critical Entrance and start laying down bricks will help your life in every aspect of it. And when you will reach the Tipping Point – the monkey and you will start playing for the same team.

Thank you Tim Urban for these awesome posts, ted talk and inspiration.

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