Consistency enlarges ability.

James Clear

It has been four days since I posted something, skipping one day somehow make shipping another easier. Or this is a story that I’m telling myself. This shows me how easy it is to lose track and stop the progress when friction starts.

Its better to become 1% closer to your goal every day, than to spend one whole day a week trying to keep up with things you didn’t do the other days.

Learning and mastering is always a process of consistent repetition.
On a long enought timeline I’m able to learn anything and become a master at anything I desire.

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Because defeating procrastination is the same thing as gaining control over your own life. So much of what makes people happy or unhappy—their level of fulfillment and satisfaction, their self-esteem, the regrets they carry with them, the amount of free time they have to dedicate to their relationships—is severely affected by procrastination. So it’s worthy of being taken dead seriously, and the time to start improving is now.

quote by Tim Urban from this post: I have a few goals writing those posts here:– Getting a journaling habit that helps me stay