Cowards die many times before their death; the valiant never taste of death but once.

Quote by the great William Shakespeare.
Fear is the one thing that keeps your from almost everything that you want and need. Beeing afraid often times means that you are not able to archive the life you are imagine. Think about yourself beeing fearless. What would you do? What could happen? What will happen? And now go and do exactly what you fear the most. You can start small: starting a conversation, trying a new sport, going alone to the woods at night, catching that small spider, standing up for yourself, saying no more often… Everytime you let your fear win you are losing something inside you, a small part of your identity is dying. Don’t let it happen often. Remember that your brain is protecting you from the worse case scenario but is very far for the reality you are facing. Beeing bold and having a lot of courage does not mean that you have to be bold and stupid. Just get out of your comfort zone and what magic happens.

I’ve never read any books by William Shakespeare but I hope this day will eventually come. That my language abilities will allow me to get familiar with his work. First stage for me is Douglas Adams, when I will understand half his jokes I can advance to more serious literature 🙂

Im going to end with a reminder from @growwithcolby:

Life is short
You get 4000 weeks if you’re lucky.

Book that flight
Apply for the job
Start that business

Stop putting limits of yourself

Stay Connected

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