One Day You Will Wake Up And There Won’t Be Any More Time To Do The Things You’ve Always Wanted. Do It Now.

Every morning is a new begining but ever morning is also a step closer to the end of your life. Enjoy what you have, who is with you and take the opportunities you have that every day gives you. Thinking that you are going to do something tomorrow, that you will come back here and enjoy the moment or explore a beutiful place is okay but the reality is – you might never do that. Howevery scary this sounds – death is just around the corner.

Sam Harris has a great meditation about doing things the last time:

Its not about thinking of death its more about getting what you want from life now. Facing your fears, having the converstations that you wish you had before. Closing the loops, starting the projects that never got started. Taking one step at a time, but acting rather then waiting. Its never easy until it is easy. But doing what you feel like doing, doing what you love is always easy or it just feels natural. Getting the most you can out of your life is a privilege, opportunity and something that you should meditate on.

If you want to start something – do it.

Tell someone that you love them.

Get out and see the world.

Fail good and take lessons.

The best stories are the ones that you are creating.

Its your life and its ending one minute at the time.

Make it worth.

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