One step at a time

Every single journey, every archivment, every breakthough begins with a single step.

Each task and a project are just a sequence of single steps and moves.

Each book and poem are just single sentences that each are single words.

You could thinks that one step is more important than the other but often times first one is the most important. Sometimes the last one is the most important but even the last one is in a sense the first one to finish.

Meditating on my life and archivements I see that often times it was easier for me to plan the steps than actually make them. A lot of times visualizing and dreaming about the steps was more important than actually taking them. This could be because every time you plan something and tell someone about it your mind in a way thinks that you actually did it – this is very true for me. But living my life in a dream and fantasy is not giving me a lot happines lately.

This is why today I’m taking the first step – not in theory but practise.

Not imaginary step – but real.

Every day I’m going to journal and meditate on one inspirational quote.

One step at the time.

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