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The short text provides a thoughtful and spiritually inclined guide to elevating one’s daily routine. It imparts wisdom on commencing the day with a clear mind and soul, through practices like tidying one’s surroundings, connecting with nature, and seeking inspiration in philosophy and literature. These morning rituals serve as a pathway to enlightenment, nurturing a deeper connection to the self and the universe, while aligning one’s purpose and intention for the day ahead.

I Make your bed

Small things bring great outcomes, the way you start your day affects everything that follows. Start the day with mindful cleaning, you will feel powerful just doing this simple thing that takes one minute.

II Drink a glass of water

Simple as that. We are water and our kidneys work different in the morning then they do in the evening. Add some salt if your water has no electrolytes.

III Move your body

Do some yoga, streaching, workout, jump rope, anything that will get your body moving and wake up your brain a bit. 5 minutes is better than nothing and even 30 jumping jacks is better than no movement at all.

IV Get some light, step outside

Take a walk, look at the sky. Lateral movement and early light exposure will wake you up and regulate your circadian cycle. If you have this option go and enjoy the nature for a bit.

V Review your goals

Remember who you want to be, what are you striving for, are you on the right path towards your goals? Write them down. If you don’t know where your going you will end up not where your want – but where the life gets you. Having clear goals and reviewing them makes everything easier.

VI Get inspired

Read a quote or a passage from philosophy, religious script or anything that will get your inspired. Do this before you read any emails, messages or check your socialmedia. Great source for inspiration? @librarymindset on instagram that inspired this post.

VII Take care of something other than you

Water a plant, feed your pet, learn to take care of something.

VIII Breathe

Do breathing exercises, Wim Hof Method is great, 4-7-8 breathing is awesome, any breathing technique that will get you centered and mindfull will work. We are not aware of our breath during the day, this is the moment that your can cherish the thing that keeps you alive.

IX Cold Shower

This is what changed my life completely! Ending your daily morning shower with some cold water. It will keep you healthy and make you feel amazing when you step out. The more you do it, the better it gets. Cold exposure is a powerful tool that promotes immune system and trains your willpower. And yes even I say I like it – everytime I hate it 🙂 This is the way – go towards the discomfort – it will make you grow.

X Send some love

Send a good morning text, tell someone something good, share the love, make someones day.

XI Hide your phone

The best way to avoid distraction is to get rid of the source. Try not to look at your phone for at least 1h upon waking up. Turn on the airplane mode, hide your phone in the other room, whatever works.

XII Start your day with good music

Music is amazing mood and energy enhancer. Enjoy it. Feel the power and use its magic 🙂

XIII Drink water before any meal

Having a glass of water before every meal is awesome for your body. Water it 🙂

XIV In the evening write down tomorrow’s plan

3 hour on your most one important project

3 shorter tasks

3 maintenance activities

Define your productive day but don’t overplan so you can achieve it all and feel good about yourself

XV Shutdown ritual

When you end your work for the day close your computer or anything that you are working with, clean up a bit and say “Shutdown” of “Finished”. Draw a thick line between your work and life – don’t get the two to interfere with each other too much, its not healthy, your brain does not understand the difference between work and rest. To give your mind a rest you need to change your attitude.

XVI Journal

Journal in the morning or (and) in the evening if you can. Write what are you greatful and thankful for. One thing is enough but more is sometimes better. Journaling is powerfull, explore it to find yourself.

XVII Lay out clothes for tomorrow

You know why Mark Zuckeberg and Steve Jobs wear the same thing everyday? They did so to lessen the burden of choice making. If you choose today you will have less to care about tomorrow. The daily routine starts the day before.

This post was inspired by LibraryMindset on instagram.

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