The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

quote by Paul Valery

Easy to say right? Sometimes I think that this kind of quote is both inspiring if you read it in a good moment but also demotivating and not helpful at all. The very broad quotes without guidance or explanation often times are not helpful. What does it really mean to “wake up”? How do we know that we are asleep? Different mystics could tell you a different story, I don’t consider myself one but I will tell you mine:
The society is build on education, culture and law. Not everything that we soak up is good for us. It actually turns out that we are getting more and more programmed with fear and desire that helps to build the system that is not working for us. We are more disconnected from each other and more connected to the internet than ever. People having thousands of friends on social-media can’t name a one real friend that they can call in the middle of the night if they need help. People just consume and don’t reflect on where this leads us. So many people get trapped in this never ending cycle of greed.

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